The four mistakes people make when walking uphill and how to fix them:

Nordic walking on slopes

1. Bending over, using your lower back muscles to help haul you up the slope. Instead:

  • lift your ribs up out of your hips;
  • lead with your chest;
  • keep your head up;
  • relax your neck and shoulders.
  • your leg muscles and glutes are the powerhouse for hills.

2. Walking on tiptoe. Instead:

  • keep your heel/toe roll for as long as feels comfortable;
  • switch to mid-foot to toe-off as slope steepens;
  • only walk on tiptoe when absolutely necessary.

3. Not swinging your arms. Instead:

  • keep your arms pumping to generate momentum;
  • if Nordic walking keep a full arm-swing, grabbing the ground ahead of you;
  • keep your shoulders wide.

4. An uneven pace. A stop/start approach to hills is inefficient. Instead:

  • Walk at a comfortable steady pace to get into a rhythm and optimise energy.

Remember these tips and you’ll be walking up slopes and hills with ease.