Menopause and strengthening your pelvic floor

The menopause can assault you from all directions – mood, weight, energy, joints, brain fog, body shape, sleep, bone health, pelvic floor – the list goes on. Figuring out how to manage it can be confusing, but studies have shown that regular exercise can significantly reduce menopausal symptoms and improve wellbeing.

The holistic, balanced, supportive nature of Nordic walking makes it ideal if you are peri-menopausal or menopausal.

First, it can help with weight loss and weight management. You can get your heart rate up and burn more calories than walking but without pounding your joints through jogging.

Nordic walking is also a whole-body strengthening exercise, which is perfect for trimming inches and toning, especially those hard to tackle areas such as the upper arms and waist.

Walking and breathing in time with your pole action is also relaxing and meditative, which can help alleviate the stress and anxiety often associated with menopause.

As a weight-bearing exercise, it is good for keeping your bones strong and healthy and I’ve been astonished at the number of clients who’ve said it’s had a positive impact on their pelvic floor function.

You don’t have to wear Lycra, just comfortable clothing, and you don’t need any specialist kit other than a pair of Nordic walking poles. Most valuable of all, with Nordic walking you can tone up, get fit, lose weight, be outside, walk the dog, and chat to friends all in one activity.