Why Nordic Walking?

Nordic walking is ‘exercising easy’. Your whole body moves and that feels good.

What is Nordic Walking?

Nordic walking is based on regular walking using two poles and a special technique to add support and engage your upper body. It also teaches you correct posture and body alignment. Think of it like an outdoors walking Pilates experience, boosting balance and strength in a supportive, holistic way, whilst being energetic and lots of fun.

How will it feel?

It may take a little time to get the technique right, but once you have it will feel easy and natural, just like regular walking but better because you will be walking with good posture and improved balance. If you have back or neck tension you should feel it begin to ease; you will notice your arms and upper body working; and you will be able to go much faster than regular walking. 

Why should I start Nordic walking?

Put simply, Nordic walking is exercise for your body and relaxation for your mind.

It is outdoors, sociable and non-competitive. You do not need to be good at sport to be good at Nordic walking. You do not need to go to the gym to improve your body strength and tone. Nordic walking will get your heart rate up, burn calories, strengthen your body, and keep you fit and healthy without hurting your joints. 

The rhythmic nature of Nordic walking is also meditative and concentrating on the technique can take your mind away from other worries. Most people walk in parks or the countryside, enabling them to connect them with nature and experience all the additional benefits flowing from that.

It is also something that you can slot into your day, doubling up as a dog walk and social activity that you can enjoy with friends.

Who can Nordic walk?

Nordic walkers span the entire fitness spectrum: 

  • People looking for something to help them lose weight, tone up and get fit.
  • Runners wanting an effective low-impact training option. 
  • People rehabilitating from hip or knee surgery. 
  • Women going through the menopause seeking an effective means for weight loss and bone health but also something sociable. 
  • Children wanting an alternative to mainstream sports. 
  • Distance walkers wanting to improve their walking technique, speed and endurance. 
  • Older adults who are becoming increasingly anxious about walking due to pain and balance worries.
  • Cancer patients Nordic walking through treatment. 
  • People with Parkinson’s seeking a way to stay active and mobile.
  • People with no particular purpose other than seeking a fun, sociable exercise that will nurture their mental wellbeing and keep them fit, healthy and active long into old age.

If you can walk you can Nordic walk.

How can I learn?

To get all the benefits from Nordic walking you need to learn the right technique. There are three great options.

  1. Vicky’s book Let’s Walk Nordic and her ‘How to’ videos give you the basics.
  2. Learn from Vicky in person at her Nordic walking weekend workshops and masterclasses. Find out more.
  3. The UK has many Nordic walking instructors and there may be one near you, just do an internet search to find out.


The Let's Walk Nordic Book by Vicky Welsh
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“If you aren’t yet familiar with Nordic Walking, just try it! With Vicky’s expert guidance and enthusiasm you’ll soon know how much happier your body and mind will feel. And for those already familiar with Nordic Walking, the expert tips in this book will help you take your exercise safely to a new level – whether you are trying to lose weight, tackle specific health issues or simply to have fun and keep fit in a way that you can continue for many years to come.”

Dr Sally Norton MBChB MD FRCS