Pippa’s Story

“A friend had first recommended Nordic walking to me, but I claimed I was far too young, it wasn’t energetic enough, it was too slow and off-beat. Two years later, I had grown tired of my high-intensity gym classes, couldn’t run thanks to an ongoing back injury, and needed something to give me back my ‘schwing’. I also wanted to be more of an ‘outdoor girl’, to enjoy all weathers and set my daughters a positive example.

So when a Nordic walking class started up in the park near my home, I decided to give it a go. I loved it from the moment I started.

I can’t believe how much my fitness has increased. I have gone back to a bit of running as the Nordic walking technique has had such a positive effect on my core support and because of that, my back injury is far less problematic. I am more toned, happier as my exercise is now outdoors and I just love walking in the rain. To top it all, I have a clearer mind, my mood is much more upbeat, and I love my new relationship with nature.

There is a new phrase in the house, ‘going Nordic’ – as in, ‘Mum’s going Nordic’. I love that. It’s my equivalent to ‘going AWOL’ for that all-important hour or two for myself.”